How to watch Netflix video without a debit card.

How to watch Netflix video without a debit card.

Here we share a tips how to make free Netflix account without debit or credit card and watch your favourite videos.

First you need to download “My Airtel App” from play store.Open my airtel app and verify with any number (jio,voda, airtel etc). After verification click on “Payments bank”

Then you need to fill a form for airtel payment features.

After submit to your form you got “Congratulation” message.

After getting this message close my airtel app and open again and click on online card

“Congratulation” you have a Airtel debit card you can use it for netflix.

Netflix offers a month-to-month subscription service and new users are eligible for 1-month free trial on the platform. Hence, if you cancel your subscription within the first (trial) month itself, Netflix will not charge you anything. However, do keep in mind that you are eligible for 1-month free trial only once per email address.
Once your email address is registered with Netflix, you cannot use the same email address again to create a new Netflix account. Here is the step-by-step procedural guide as follows

STEP 1- download the Netflix app or visit the Netflix website and to signup.

Choose standard or premium plan

STEP 2- Enter a fresh email id that not used on Netflix and chose a password and click on continue.

STEP 3- You need to setup your payment by adding your debit/credit card details to your Netflix account. Add your debit/credit card details and hit the option “Start Membership.”

Once you are done watching the series and sampling a few more, make sure to cancel your subscription within a month of signing up so that you aren’t charged.

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